Covid 2022 Level 3 Resources

Level 3 Unit Standards

These standards are only to be used during 2022 when students are forced to stay away from the classroom for an extended period of time. 

Stipulations: The non-BCATS standards are:

  • not to be used by those not already enrolled in a Level 3 BCATS programme
  • only to be undertaken by students that can contextualise the learning by referring back to their work on their Level 3 BCATS project
  • only to be assessed as achieved after in-depth oral questioning to ensure proper understanding of the written answers on the worksheet(s).

Reporting Results: Once completed, the credits will be reported to NZQA by the BCITO. BCITO will need to ensure:

  • assessment is fair and consistent
  • students worksheets have been marked
  • reassessment is recorded
  • verbal discussion has taken place between the assessor and the student to ensure students understand the learning outcomes

There is an attestation for teachers to complete on the last page of each assessment.

There is a Credit Achievement form below. Please complete one Credit Achievement form per student once the student has completed all the theory assessments you are offering. Email completed forms to [email protected]